Cliff Dragonetti

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build winning teams for your business.

Exceptionally trained and motivated employees are the framework to any successful business. Creating a culture among employees to share a common vision and build a great business through first-rate customer excellence is the objective. 

This is what we help you achieve.

By creating a customer-excellence driven culture between management and employees, you can effectively build a bridge to opportunity, success and greater profitability.

I present ideas that inspire teamwork, instill professional confidence and promote the use of the 'We" mentality in the workplace in order to develop this cultural dynamic.

The results are loyal and repeat clientele, new business, an increase in sales, praise worthy social media reviews and a winning team that works together to grow the business and succeed at a very high level.


Founder Bio

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson -

“I am the greatest.
I said that even before I knew I was.”

- Muhammed Ali -

Cliff Dragonetti Founder, CEO & Speaker

Cliff Dragonetti has built his career on Long Island, NY in both the restaurant and brokerage industries for the past 25 years. He understands that businesses are human centric and speaks about the psychology of delivering a genuine customer experience.

Cliff has been a General Manager for the past 13 years on Long Island for various prominent, high volume, upscale restaurants. He is currently the General Manager of RARE650 Prime Steak and Sushi by Anthony Scotto. 

His brokerage career spanned 15 years with Smith Barney as a Financial Advisor and has now expanded to include corporate training and public speaking in the hospitality and restaurant industry. He brings to the table exceptionally strong and unique communication skills along with a comprehensive operational and financial background.

Cliff’s creative and unique approach in motivating and inspiring his staff
is rooted in the business philosophies espoused by The Walt Disney Corp.,
Dale Carnegie and Anthony Robbins.

He consistently employs positive business building practices in the restaurant industry and delivers customer excellence. He mentors his employees to do the same in order to build a successful and reputable business.

Cliff is a unique and dynamic speaker, who is highly energized, engaging and serious minded, however he speaks with humility and humor during his storytelling and presentation.

Cliff Dragonetti