Customer Service Training Speaker in Long Island, NY

Also Serving Manhattan and Nationally

Do you run a business that is largely customer-facing, such as a restaurant, a resort, a luxury retail shop, or a trading company? You need a way to keep your staff up-to-date on the best customer service tips and training in order to help them realize their full potential and provide an excellent customer experience.

For high-quality customer service training for your staff and your sales or management teams on Long Island, NY, in Manhattan, or nationally, contact The Right Minded Company, Inc. We offer motivational speeches, leadership classes, and corporate training sessions to keep your employees engaged and excited about work.

What We Do

The Right Minded Company, Inc., serves businesses ranging from 25 to 500 people, and we’re available to help you create a dynamic customer service experience that will have customers coming back again and again.

Our sessions are designed to educate and inspire your staff so that they are motivated to provide excellent customer service for any kind of customer-facing business.

Our goal is to elevate your staff to achieve their goals, whether that means higher sales figures or five-star customer reviews. And on top of business goals, we want your staff to feel uplifted and ready to improve their personal lives. When the work-life balance is developed, your employees are more productive on the job and deliver outstanding results.

Who We Are

Cliff Dragonetti, founder of The Right Minded Company, Inc., and our principal customer service training speaker, has been working on Long Island for 25 years. Cliff has a wealth of experience in business management, from restaurants to Wall Street. The Right Minded Company, Inc., is founded on the belief that all successful businesses are driven by excellent customer service and exceptional leadership within a human-centric business model.

By using motivational and psychological tactics to inspire and elevate your staff in order to foster an environment of success, significant results are achieved for your business. Whether you have a staff of hundreds or just a couple of dozen employees, we can help them help you reach the goals you have set for your business.

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