Inspiring Customer Excellence

Cliff Dragonetti -1

Founder, CEO & Speaker

When Cliff Dragonetti speaks on the topic of inspiration and motivation he keeps it real and he speaks with a humble sense of humor about life. “Wherever you go, you take you with you,” he said emphatically at speaking engagement in Brooklyn, NY on Customer Excellence. “If you’re not right with yourself, how could you possibly deliver customer excellence?”

While one might not expect to listen to concepts widely held in the fields of psychology, science and spirituality presented in a speech on customer excellence for businesses, Cliff articulates these concepts with a most unique, upbeat and intelligent style all his own.

His presentation is thought provoking, captivating and refreshingly entertaining. Cliff is very successful at weaving the intellectual with a healthy dose of humility. Between the combination of his content and his character, it was a pleasure to see that every person in the audience identified with his advice and his inspiration while equally understanding the personal and professional challenges we face each day.

“We are human after all”, he says. “And, we can’t get away from that. Sometimes life throws curve balls and you have to have the courage to continue stepping up. When you learn how to overcome adversity and turn every challenge around, then you’re successful. It's a matter of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

Cliff asks the audience, “How good can you be? How high can you raise the bar for your own excellence?” He continues, “When you can turn anger into laughter, reaction into reason, and cynicism into optimism, then you’ve not only mastered the art of customer excellence, you also develop a sense of significance for who you are as a person.”

A gifted speaker in the truest sense, Cliff Dragonetti makes no bones about his winning advice for having “gratitude for everything” and coming to work both physically and mentally prepared in order “to play full out” and “at the top of your game.” He covers topics in his presentation such as, the importance of teamwork, the Disney World model of business, the concept of “the customer is your mirror” and what he calls “success versus significance.” Cliff offers a whole new way of thinking for businesses and audiences to embrace.

His speaking presentations are a creative tapestry of motivating ideas where human interpersonal dynamics and business mindedness are cleverly woven together. He will leave you with a sense of personal accountability and a lasting impression for the greater good of self and for all. He delivers and he’s fun. Cliff is very effective at creating personal shifts within an audience that everyone and every business can benefit from.

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